Modern advancements in battery technology and automotive electrical systems have made battery failure less of a problem for today’s motorists; however, at some point in their driving careers, most drivers will discover that the battery in their vehicle is dead.

So what do you do now? Maybe it’s very early or late and there is no one around to help; even if someone is nearby, chances are they will not have batter cables with them. They may not be willing to get involved even if they do have a set of battery cables in the trunk; after all, if you are nervous about asking someone you don’t know for help, imagine how they feel being approached by a stranger.

When you have places to go but you’re stuck with a dead battery, call the team at A-1 Taxi for help! One of our experienced and courteous technicians will arrive promptly and provide you with a battery boost in Brampton, as well as surrounding locations such as Bolton, Bramalea and Caledon, Castlemore and Churchville, Heart Lake, Snelgrove and Springdale. Our battery boost service is available 24/7/365, and if your vehicle still won’t start even after a boost, we’ll be happy to give you a ride to your destination in safety and comfort.


A car battery can fail for a number of reasons; perhaps the vehicle hasn’t been started for an extended period of time, or maybe an interior light was accidently left on. Cold weather can drain power from a battery, as well. Whatever the cause, battery failure is an inconvenience.

When you call A-1 Taxi we will immediately dispatch a taxi equipped with jumper cables to your location to provide you with a battery boost. If a dead battery is only a symptom of a larger problem and your car still won’t start after a boost, well… it’s a good thing there is a taxi right there with you to provide transportation to wherever you need to go!

The next time your car’s battery dies, don’t call a friend or a tow truck; contact A-1 Taxi at 905-453-6666. We’re ready whenever you need us.